is passionate about inspiring and helping others to follow their heart, and to find their true passion in life.  She is a Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner who quit her corporate job to explore what her true calling is. 


She teaches group and private classes, organizes inspiring retreats combining yoga, meditation, energy healing and nutrition and offers 4 week long Yoga Teacher Trainings on Koh Phangan, Thailand, where she has been living since she decided to take a leap of faith and follow her dream.



Charlotte, USA

"Anja truly, truly has a gift. She has such a calming, relaxing, genuine, positive energy. She honestly is one of my favorite yoga teachers I've ever had! Not only do her classes physically build strength and flexibility, but they also focus on the spiritual side of yoga through her breathing exercises and meditation. She creates the perfect environment for her classes- knowing when to play music vs. have silence, adjusting the exercises according to the energy of her class, and knowing when to guide her students vs. let them have their own moment. With the help of her soothing presence, her students are able to deeply connect not only with yoga, but with themselves. And that is special.

Thank you, Anja, for trusting your intuition and the desires of your true self - your passion for what you do is so inspiring! The world needs more yoga teachers like you that just "get it!"

With her Reiki session I honestly feel like she lifted whatever weight was on my shoulders. I had a blockage all week long, and the only thing that was able to fully remove it was her! I can't thank her enough- I feel so clear headed, positive, and happy after working with her. It is truly magical that she has the ability to affect people like that! I leave for my meditation retreat today and now feel so prepared to take it on."